From the battery bank,the constant DC voltage

is inverted to a sine wave curve that goes above and below 0 volts.

When inverters first came out, the most common way to do this was to make the volatege go straight up and down creating a blocky signal.This called modified sine wave , seen in oreage the image below.


        "FAIDEN Eco Generator purposely created to Enhance Malaysia 'Pasar Malam' environment"


It's a modified sinewave 









A modified sine wave inverter can be used for simple systems such like LED lighting. Some equipment may seem to be  working fine, but may run hotter and reduce the life of it. 


What is FAIDEN Eco Generator?

























Power Calculation :

Battery , 12V 18AH x2 (Series Connection,24V)

=18*24=432 Watt Hour (Wh)

If load is 43.2 watt, 432Wh/43.2=10h

battery will last for 10hours 

How it works


It's a big Power bank with Ac Output. That's it

We put an inverter to a conventional battery. Then your stall is ready to be bright as you.

Clean green and calm

Battery: Lead Acid 12V 18AH x2

Output: 230 AC(modified sineware)@50 HZ

Input:  12 V DC (solar)/230V AC(Grid)

Charging Time: Approx.10-12hours   

Weight :22kg

Dimension :20x20x34

Specification :

Castor wheels

Telescopic handle

UK 3 pin plug with USB socket

Metal body with powder


  Solar Charging 

  Over load cut off

  Battery low cut off

  Battery level indicator