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Faiden Tech Sdn. Bhd. (FTSB)

Faiden Tech Sdn.Bhd provides services such as industrial 3D printing for prototyping, calibration /reparing for telecommunication /electrical/electronic equipments,ICT equipment.


  • 3D prototype

  • Calibration

  • Repair


Product offers 


Faiden Tech Sdn. Bhd current marketing niches are Private and Goverment agencies. In near furure Faiden Tech Sdn.
Bhd. wll tap into international market especially on its own solar system.

Among Faiden Tech Sdn. Bhd future aims are to venture into consumer telecommunication industries and manufacturig activities before taking its existence into becoming a global supplier. To achieve this, Faiden Tech Sdn.Bhd will gear its effort toward acquiring ISO standard.

  • Private Agencies
  • Goverment Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Other Institutions




Faiden Tech Sdn. Bhd has good supplies to Private and Goverments agencies. Among faidentech Sdn.Bhd product 
supplies are Solar System (Battery bank, off grid systems,hybrid system), telecommunication equipment and
services, ICT equipment, metal sheeet design, industrial 3D printers and 3D prototyping  

  • Solar

  • Telecommunication

  • ICT Equipment

  • Plastic ,Metal & Rubber

  • Electrical Items

  • 3D Industrial

Company Services